Eye Liner 8 ChocoMatte


Eye Liner 8 ChocoMatte

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LOOkX Exclusive Eyeliner in No.08 Chocolate is a richly pigmented waterproof eyeliner with a metallic-matte finish. Thanks to the Smarttouch® grip, the eyeliner sits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to easily blend in the eyeliner to create a classic smokey look. The unique formula stays blendable after application letting you work to your desired result. Prefer a thin, precise line? The tip of the pencil is automatically kept sharpened by the built-in mini grinder for an on-point finish. Let dry for thirty seconds after application and you're guaranteed fourteen hours of flawless wear.

Tip: Use LOOkX Exclusive Eyeliner in No.08 Chocolate with LOOkX Mascara Ultra Wear and LOOkX Creamy Eyeshadow for a fully waterproof eye-makeup combination.

- Soft texture
- Easy to blend immediately after applicationv opaque, natural pigments
- Waterproof
- Lasts at least fourteen hours without stains or run off
- Smarttouch® grip zone"

*Skin Care based *Anti -ageing *Skin friendly *Easy to apply *Suitable for all skin types *Free from parabens *No mineral oils *Fragrance-free *No-animal testing * Contains minerals and other natural ingredients