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Mascara Boost +

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LOOkX Mascara boost+ is a revolutionary mascara that combines aesthetic performance with a caring booster complex, for really longer and thicker lashes. Daily use stimulates the natural growth pace of your eyelashes, increasing length and volume. Thanks to the creamy glide-on texture the formula is evenly distributed on all lashes, guaranteed lump-free! A blend of vegetable waxes keeps your lashes supple and synthetic polymers secure flexibility ensuring a long-lasting perfect adhesion.

- lengthens lashes [+ 11.28%]
- improves lash volume [+ 15%]
- intens black colour
- contains a blend of vegetable waxes
- Moisturizing ingredients and a natural antioxidant that counters ageing
- lump-free formula

*Skincare based *Skin-friendly *Long-lasting *Easy to apply *Perfume free *Free of animal testing *Contains natural ingredients