Silky Touch Foundation Almond


Silky Touch Foundation Almond

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LOOkX Silky Touch Foundation is an oil-free foundation that fuses with the skin to form a barely perceptible 'second skin'. The light-reflecting pigments visibly leave wrinkles softened and neutralises the complexion, for a smoother appearance and soft contours. Protects against the effects of ageing.

- 'Second skin' feel
- Light reflecting pigments
- Evens out blemishes (dark spots, blotches, dark circles, redness)
- Won't clog pores
- Softening formula
- Optical reduction of fine lines and wrinkles
- Moisturising ingredients and natural antioxidant protection against ageing

Skincare based *Anti-ageing *Skin friendly *Long-lasting *Easy to apply *Free from mineral oils *Fragrance-free *No animal testing