Solution Pore Minimiser 40ml


Solution Pore Minimiser 40ml

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LOOkX Solution pore minimiser refines the skin texture to address the appearance of large pores
in three ways: The formula balances the excessive sebaceous gland production. It reduces the accelerated
tissue sagging because of ageing and normalizes abnormal keratinization - a process by which skin cells produce too much corneal cells that causes an accumulation around the resulting pores.

This skin-friendly, airy serum is absorbed directly in to the skin, without feeling greasy or sticky. Apply to shiny areas, such as the T-zone and the area where enlarged pores are visible, often around the nose.

LOOkX Solution pore minimiser is suitable for all ages and skin types, but especially for mature skin with a coarser skin texture.
The more mature the skin, the greater the risk of sagging and thus enlarged pores. This serum helps to slow down this process.

Benefits & Attributes

- Refines the pores
- Normalizes sebum production
- Prevents the skin to shine
- Anti inflammatory
- Works on healing the skin

Derma skincare effect *Paraben free *No mineral oils *Not tested on animals *Suitable for combined, oily and / or acne-prone skin or for pore minimiser effect