Vitamin Cocktail Scrub 50ml


Vitamin Cocktail Scrub 50ml

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LOOkX Vitamin Cocktail Scrub provides deep cleaning and care all in one. The scrub contains soft loofah to cleanse and and remove rough skin cells. As you scrub, small vitamin beads (A, E and C) are released providing intense moisture that is absorbed into all layers of the skin.

- Gently removes dead skin cells
- Supports natural skin functions
- Provides care boost using vitamins
- Makes the skin smoother
- Increases the absorption levels of the skin

Recommended use
Apply to cleansed, moist face, neck and décolletage and massage lightly until the vitamin beads break down. Remove with a warm cloth or rinse with lukewarm water.

*Derma skincare effect *Paraben free *No mineral oils *Fragrance-free * Not tested on animals *Suitable for all skin types