Tall Length Clothing - Dresses for Tall Women - Long Tall Sally x Ruby Rocks Collection

Tall Length

We understand that not everyone is the same shape and size and shopping can be such a nightmare especially when you love that dress which you've always wanted...but it's too short! Some of us are shorter, taller, wider, pear shaped, apple shaped ...pineapple shaped?? 

At Ruby Rocks we hear your frustration! That's why we're pleased to announce that Ruby Rocks is available for the taller girls at, you guessed it - Long Tall Sally! You'll find Ruby Rocks styles made to measure in that perfect Long Tall Sally fit.

To shop the collection, UK customers can visit longtallsally.com (or click the image above) and US customers visit us.longtallsally.com to see what new styles are online now.

Happy Shopping! xox