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Hey you, I am so excited about this weeks blog. I had the absolute privilege of speaking with powerhouse rock drummer Rhii Williams (Little Thief, Rachel K Collier) as she takes part in 'inside the wardrobes that rock!' Whatever your dreams are, big or small, I hope that diving into the worlds of some incredibly influential women can drive and help you to succeed. Shout those ambitions from the rooftops and make yourself heard - it won’t be an easy ride but when you get there - all hail a QUEEN!!
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It is with pleasure I bring you the first episode of inside the wardrobes that rock where we dive into the stylistic worlds of powerhouse female musicians! Today I spoke with Rhii Williams drummer for Little Thief and Rachel K Collier. We found out her top tips for rocking-out approved makeup and also what is has been like for musicians during the pandemic! 
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1. Who is your biggest fashion inspiration/or musical icon?

My biggest fashion inspiration has to be 80’s Madonna! I’m such a massive 80’s fashion fan; I love a big shoulder pad, excessive jewellery, a rocking cowboy boot, classic aviators and lots of black with pops of colour. I’m not scared of garish either, I mean, pat Butcher’s lippy rocks my world! I’m a big fan of a black rock-and-roll base with a jacket that pops - shoulder pads, leather, bright colour, and if it has tassels, I’m like a kid in a candy store! Dressing for gigs as a drummer can be tricky, as that killer 80’s jacket that brings the whole look together has to come off before I go on stage, as does most of the jewellery (unless I want a black eye from a fat gold chain hitting me in the face… yes, this has happened before!) Earrings normally fall out and straddling a snare drum whilst smashing at the kit means that I have to think carefully about what I'm wearing, for example tight/short skirts are a no-no for me (put the mouse back in the house!), but I'm learning to not worry so much about how my figure looks in certain clothes in that position because let's face it, this is 2021 and we shouldn't be caring about a girl's figure, but about how she plays, am I right?

2. Where is your go to place to buy your clothes?

My go-to for buying clothes is vintage stores, Depop, or my friend’s wardrobes! I’m often known as “hand-me-down girl”, as I love a pre-loved item! I was recently gifted some absolutely stunning vintage pieces from my partner’s amazingly stylish granny, and I can’t take them off! I am very much a jacket girl and have way too many, and they aren’t the cheapest thing to buy. Buying vintage can either mean that something is way cheaper or way more expensive, depending on whether it’s seen as “second hand” or “vintage”, so I try to avoid looking in the fancy vintage shops, as my wallet can’t handle the top shelf delights.
3. How have you found being an artist throughout the pandemic/ what have you been up to?
The pandemic has been such a bizarre time for everyone, and has definitely hit us musicians pretty hard. I have been trying to be as pro-active as possible, I managed to slip away to Wales for two months during the lockdown ease with my band Little Thief, and wrote a whole new album which kept me going. I’ve also been collaborating with some killer artists remotely, including 'Rews' and 'Paper Dragon' which is an opportunity that may not have come about if we were as busy as we normally are when the world is open! However, The lack of validation and the buzz you get from a show is very sorely missed. I can’t wait to be on a stage again!
4. Do you have any favourite beauty products for long rocking-out gigs?!
At gigs, I can’t live without a bold lippy! Even if I’m rocking a simple black look, the lip’s gotta pop!  Whether that’s Pat Butcher pink or Marilyn Monroe red, it is a must have for my gigs. I tend to go for a lipstick that doesn’t rub off easily, otherwise I look a little like the Joker by the end of the show. I don’t have a fave brand as my budget is normally pretty low, but you can find lots of long-stay lips that don’t break the bank. A strong eyeliner and eyeshadows that don’t fade are next on the list for sure, and I’m still searching for ones that don’t budge! Although looking like Courtney Love with trashy makeup by the end of the show is actually a pretty rad look.
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Bright coloured blazers, big hoops and band tees! Rhii always looks ON POINT and I have some serious wardrobe envy! Check out some of her looks below... 
Bright blazers and classic iconic-figure tees, don't forget those hoops! 
Rhii rocks this pop of colour under the eye! Anybody else jealous of those gorgeous curls?! Try the Lola makeup stick shadow in Emerald Green! 
You can't go wrong with a rolling stones tee and bold red lip! 
Chokers are the way to go! Paired with this corset-style top makes for the most effortlessly cool look. 
"I think this has to be my favourite Rhii, ICONIC." - Ruby 
Well that's all for this week and I really hope you loved this read! I am so enjoying bringing these blog posts to life and having a platform to share all things fashion, beauty and power!
Have a rocking weekend and i'll see you next week! 
Love, Ruby xo


My soul-food track of the week! : Miley Cyrus - Angels Like You 



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