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Our Showroom


Ruby Rocks is stocked in over 300 stores around the UK & Ireland including many famous high street department stores. We are also available in over 20 European countries as well as the USA, Canada & Japan.

If you would like information about which stores currently hold our latest collections please email us HERE or send an email directly to

Are you interested in stocking our brand? Then, why not check out our showroom located in Luton? Did you know that Luton is a historically famous fashion hub and manufacturing centre for clothing and millenary? In the past, Luton was at the centre of the clothing industry until production spread more over Europe. Now a days, brands are coming back to Luton slowly making it the centre of the clothing industry once again. The address can be found below:  

Ruby Rocks Showroom
730, Capability Green
United Kingdom


Please note, all visits are by strict appointment only. There are no facilities to accept drop-ins at reception. Please email us before hand to arrange an appointment for you or you can send an email to