#5 RVBY's guide to graphic liner!

It's been a hot minute! But we're back and today I wanted to share my guide to graphic liner! Whether you're hitting those beer gardens or headlining festivals this summer, it's time for some makeup inspo featuring products available at ruby rocks! 
Step 1 - I love to use Cinere's anti gravity serum as a base for my makeup. It leaves my skin smooth and everything goes on top seamlessly all while it's doing it's firming job underneath! 
Step 2 - Ever since I first got my hands on  this killer duo bronze and blush by LookX I have not stopped using it! It's my go to every single day for a sun-kissed rosy glow! Apply on the cheek bones forehead and a little under the chin - don't forget the end of that tootsie nose! 
Step 3 - Don't neglect those brows! Keep it simple by brushing through a tinted brow gel with a light touch. We want to keep everything fairly minimal if we're going all in with that graphic liner! 
Step 4 - You're going to want to start with a basic winged eyeliner. For this i'm using the LOLA Makeup extra slim pen eyeliner for that perfect precision! 
Now, if you want to leave it here for that fresh and natural beer garden glow then aadd your mascara and lippy then you're good to go! I have been obsessed with the LOLA matte liquid lipstick in the colour 01 first date! It is the perfect shade of pink and goes with EVERYTHING. 
Step 5 - We don't want to stop there though, this is about that graphic liner look that i'm telling you can rock anywhere anytime! Extend your wings with a line that reaches the end of your eyebrow. While following the curve of your eyelid create a thin line that joins at a sharp point and hey! You've got it. This might take some trial and error but don't give up and don't look for perfection! 
Step 6 - Add a pop of shimmer on the inner corners of your eyes and extend it to the half way point on your eyelid. This really brings out the graphic liner and brightens the whites of your eyes too! I would recommend using the LOLA makeup shimmer powder for this.
Step 7 - Lather those plumpers with some ultra shine lip gloss, I love my LOLA ultra shine high gloss - the packaging gives me 90's vibes AND it smells sooooo good. 
YOU'RE READY. Go get it! 
- R xxxx 

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