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There is nothing better than treating yourself to brand new make-up, trying new products and experimenting with endless looks. As someone who regularly loves to try new brands to find my new favourite staples, I have always found it crucial to know exactly where those products have come from as well as what the message is behind the brand i'm wearing. LOLA MAKEUP is an eco-friendly, cruelty free vegan make-up brand who believe in making people feel their best all while helping the environment become it's best! I had the absolute privilege of interviewing the brand and finding out more about their incredible story.... 
1. What is the main message/inspiration behind LOLA cosmetics?
So many of the colour make-up brands are full of empty promises.  But, LOLA MAKEUP believes that the right products will not only just help you look good today, but will also help you and the environment look great ten years from now. This fabulous VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE , PIGMENT RICH colour make up brand recognises that the consumer wants equally to feel good about themselves, but at the same time wants to help the Planet even more now. Products and packaging with a conscience.
2. Which product/‘s are you most proud of creating? 
That’s a very hard question – it’s like asking a Father who’s his favourite child.    We are so very proud of each and every one of our products – but,  we saw a niche in the marketplace for quality affordable products for the everyday consumer.  Strongly pigmented formula, professional grade textures, and highest quality ingredients.  Designed in the first instance for the professional makeup artist, as well as consumers Worldwide. Helping makeup loving customers achieve professional results.
3. Do you have any advice for young budding entrepreneurs dreaming of getting started in the cosmetics industry? 
Money does not bring personal satisfaction although it is needed to bring your ideas to life, however, satisfaction comes from what you bring to market successfully... AND dream the dream - NEVER GIVE UP.  Bring your ideas to life but work hard.
4. When creating and launching a new product, where do you look for inspiration? 
We take our inspiration from the World’s leading fashion and conceptual companies who advise on colours, textures and environmental issues. All of which have to be taken into consideration for inspiration. We look at the collections about three to four years in advance and we try to bring the latest insights to our seasonal collections.
5. Where can people find and purchase your gorgeous products? 
LOLA MAKEUP can be found on line from our own website -  www.lolamakeup.com  as well as the websites featured below...
  & selected pharmacy and department stores nationwide.
6. I’d love to know a little more about where it all started with LOLA as well as who the amazing team is around the brand… 
LOLA MAKEUP was conceived and born by the Perse Group in Britain in 2013.    LOLA MAKEUP was designed by a creative team of beauty experts and makeup artists whose mission was to create a brand for all makeup aficionados whether they are professionals or just makeup loving consumers, when using LOLA MAKEUP they can become their own beauty expert. We pride ourselves with our Mission Statement of a VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE approach to colour cosmetics and beauty “tools of the trade”.  Our quality products are manufactured in Europe and the UK.
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