Lola Egg Sponge

Lola Egg Sponge

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Our Egg Blender Sponge allows you to apply your primer and foundation like a professional, creating perfect coverage with simple application. The rounded egg-shaped sponge moulds to the contours of your face for all over application, whilst the narrower point is perfect for application in areas such as around the eyes and nose.

Characteristics & Benefits

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Smooth application

  • Ultra-soft sponge

  • Adjustable coverage


Wet the sponge until its saturated then squeeze out any excess water, dab into your foundation and apply to the skin by bouncing it gently on the surface in a stippling motion. Start at the centre of the face and gradually move outwards. Clean sponge and leave to dry after each use.

Works well with: All LOLA foundations