Lola Eyeshadow Brush New

Lola Eyeshadow Brush New

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Our Eyeshadow Brush has been specially designed to allow you to expertly apply any type of eyeshadow, whether it be a powder, cream or gel. 
The shape and density of the brush, as well as the synthetic hair, makes it the perfect tool to work on large areas of the eye, such as the upper eyelid or under the eyebrow.
This brush is so versatile that if you work with small movements you will achieve a high colour coverage, whereas if you use long strokes, you can also blend your eyeshadow perfectly. 

Characteristics & Benefits

  • Ideal for all types of pigments and eyeshadows

  • Blends product evenly

  • Allows for intense colour coverage

  • Easy application

  • Shaped to suit application to the eyes

  • Synthetic hairs

  • 100% Vegan

  • Cruelty Free


Place the brush into the eyeshadow, tap off any excess eyeshadow, and then apply the pigment to the entire eyelid. It can also be used on its own without product, to blend different shades. Always keep the brush clean, so that it can blend the product and not drag it. Do not mix different textures of eyeshadow if you are not looking to mix tones. Clean with natural soap and warm water to keep the hair in perfect condition and dry in a horizontal position.